Specialized Fitness

The right fit

Sadly the majority of individuals with developmental disabilities get very little physical activity, carry high amounts of body fat, have poor fitness levels, and are at significantly higher risk of many health problems than the general population (1). 

A full third of adolescents wit Autism are obese (2). 54 % of children with Autism are overweight or at a high risk of becoming overweight (3). Unfortunately, the current services available offering physical activity for this population is sorely lacking.

We're a team of fitness professionals, behaviour therapists, & board certified behaviour analysts and we recognize this problem. We strive to create the best possible fitness experiences possible for this population and produce real meaningful health and wellbeing benefits.

Make it safe

We know how to build effective workouts while mitigating risk of injury for those who are newer to exercise. Modifications to equipment and smarter exercise selection can make safety a key feature in a great workout.

Make it Fun

If we're not trying to make it fun, why are we doing it? We know how to motivate our clients and build in opportunities for reinforcement.

Get people moving

We opt for exercise modes that can get people training right away. Our goal is to have our clients moving in a variety of ways and then we strive to shape up and scale the intensity, duration, and difficulity to make constant progress.

Build more than just your body

Exercise is so much more than just a means to lose weight or get stronger. It's a way to build confidence, coordination, to reduce stress, anxiety, and behaviour problems.

Besides it's benefits for reducing health risks and changing body composition it can improve sleep quality, boost brain and memory function, reduce stereotypic behaviour, and improve coordination. If exercise were a pill, everybody would be taking it. 


How does it work?


One on One

For those that would work best with individual coaching. If you're new to training or might need a lot of modifications  - this is the route for you.


Small Group

One instructor for 2-4 participants. Often we match up our clients to create groups that work well together. Have a small group already? Or want to workout as a Family? We do that too. 


Large Group

Up to 8 participants. Drop-ins and more structured curriculum based groups. Contact us for details.

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